Naoto Ono
Naoto Ono
  • @ono-max

A contributor to ruby/debug, ruby/vscode-rdbg. He has been developing the test frameworks and Chrome Integration in debug.gem.

Introduction of new features for VS Code debugging

ruby/debug, which is a replacement for traditional lib/debug.rb standard library has been developed for two years. Also, many improvements are still being made.

In this talk, I'll introduce new features to improve the user experience in VS Code debugging.

VS Code Debug Visualizer: Would it be helpful if we could see the Active Record object as a table? Debug Visualizer allows you to visualize many objects in many ways, such as bar charts and line charts! Demo:

Trace Inspector: Trace Inspector is useful when tracing in VS Code. Users can search tracing logs easily and get a lot of helpful information by using Rdbg Trace Inspector. For example, users can know which method is called, which line is executed, local variables at some point, and so on.

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