Go Sueyoshi
Go Sueyoshi

I was born and raised in Fukuoka. My body is made of Tonkotsu-Ramen 🍜

I'm a maintainer of rubicure, Itamae, chatwork-ruby and many many OSS.

I'm an engineer of My main jobs are SRE (web application, infrastructure and CI) , AWS and GCP Solution Architect, maintainer of In-house GitLab, etc etc...

Pretty Cure is my life, and Cure Peace is my wife💛

Fix SQL N+1 queries with RuboCop

ISUCON is most famous performance turning contest in Japan.

I created for ISUCON. This gem automatically modifies SQL N+1 queries with RuboCop.

I'll talk about why I did this CRAZY thing and the technology it took to do this.

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