Yuki Torii
Yuki Torii
  • @yotii23

Ruby and Rails Programmer. She has translated "Programming Elixir" by Dave Thomas (Ohmsha, co-translated with Koichi Sasada) and fell in love with the idea of Pattern Matching of Elixir. Her new own book "You and the magical programing note" (O'Reilly Japan) is coming in May 2023.

Reading and improving Pattern Matching in Ruby

Pattern Matching is already one of the essential features in Ruby, but not everyone knows how it is implemented. In this talk, I will show not only how it is, but also explain how to read and understand the specific feature's implementations in Ruby's C source code. Moreover, I'm going to try improving Pattern Matching on speed(the result is not guaranteed...). I will also show how to do it, and how to measure it. I hope this talk will be an opportunity to get Ruby programmers who are not familiar with the C language interested in Pattern Matching and Ruby implementation!

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