Onsite Information

Door Open and Check-in

Door open: The conference venue opens at 10:00 AM on Day 1 (Wed, 15 May), and at 9:30 AM on the following days.

Pre-checkin: Pre-checkin is available at the venue, during 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM on Day 0 (Tue, 14 May). We recommend attendees to visit the venue during that time to receive your lanyard early and skip the line on Day 1.

Chat (Discord)

RubyKaigi 2024 has an official Discord server to enhance communication among attendees.

Join our community from: https://rubykaigi.org/go/discord

Each session track has a dedicated chat channel. Corresponding session hall has a subscreen showing the live caption of the ongoing talk and the chat log from Discord.

English Interpretation

RubyKaigi provides Japanese-to-English live interpretation for all Japanese-spoken sessions.

Receivers are distributed to attendees at the 2nd floor. Attendees can bring the receiver to any session hall during the day, but receivers must be returned when leaving the conference venue.

Note: There's no English-to-Japanese live interpretation.

Lunch Options

We encourage all attendees to find restaurants nearby the conference venue - enjoy local foods!

Also, we have a limited number of bento boxes. However, since there's no enough space to have bentos in the conference venue, this should be considered a last resort option.

Social Events

Find social events from Events page. Official Party ticket is sold separately from the conference ticket.

If you're registered to the Official Party, remember to visit the reception desk anytime after the keynote on Day 1 for pre-checkin.

Taking Photos

Photo of our 2 lanyards: Yellow and White lanyards

We know that Rubyists tend to enjoy taking photos during the conference, and so do we. But we also know there are people who don't want to be photographed. Therefore, we implement an indicator for those who don't want to be photographed during the conference.

In RubyKaigi 2024, the indicator is implemented using lanyards attached to the conference badge as shown in the diagram above.

  • Yellow lanyards: For those who have no objection to be photographed
  • White lanyards: For those who do not want to be photographed

We ask all attendees to respect this 'do-not-photograph-me' sign: Avoid taking photos including those who are wearing the white lanyard.

Photographing or asking for photos, people with such intention forcefully (not accidentially) may be considered a violation against our Code of Conduct.

Also, professional photographers engage in the conference on behalf of the RubyKaigi organizing team ("RubyKaigi photographers"). RubyKaigi may publish photos taken by the RubyKaigi photographers, during or after the conference; Published photos of large groups may accidentally contain people with white lanyards, despite we do our best not to publish photos with those people as much as possible. Please let us know at 2024@rubykaigi.org if this applies to you or you found such case.


Wi-Fi is available throughout the conference venue at best-effort. Please turn off personal hotspots to keep wireless interference to minimum in the venue.

Network name: RubyKaigi 2024
Password: nahanaha

Thanks: Built and operated by RubyKaigi NOC team with members from Cookpad and KMC.
Contributors: Full-time member sponsored by Cookpad, Internet Connectivity and Volunteers by KMC.

Privacy: RubyKaigi NOC team may collect minimum traffic log for operation, diagnostic and statistical purpose. RubyKaigi NOC team may publish traffic statistics in anonymized form.

Feedback: Tweet with #rubykaigiNOC, or use Discord #2024-chat or #help channel to give us a feedback and report.

Public Dashboard: https://grafana.rubykaigi.net/
Public Code Repository: https://github.com/ruby-no-kai/rubykaigi-net