Mike McQuaid
Mike McQuaid
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Mike McQuaid is the Project Leader and longest running maintainer for the Homebrew package manager for macOS (and Linux). At work, he's the CTO and Cofounder of Workbrew and spent a decade at GitHub, concluding as a principal engineer, working on FOSS stuff. He works from his home in Edinburgh, Scotland where he authored Git in Practice and contributed to a wide array of other open source projects including KDE and the Linux kernel.

Using "modern" Ruby to build a better, faster Homebrew

Homebrew is a popular macOS package manager in the Ruby community and is also written in Ruby. When it was first created, it used the (fairly old) Ruby supplied by macOS and, until recently, has been tied to this version. Learn in this talk how and why Homebrew now ships its own Ruby to all users, modern Ruby tooling we now rely heavily on (e.g. Sorbet, RuboCop, etc.), how Ruby versions and our love of ActiveSupport have affected the performance of Homebrew and what we have planned in future to make Homebrew better, faster and more Ruby-like.