• @ahogappa0613

I am a web application developer at STORES, Inc. As a hobby, I develop game engines and tools to pack ruby in one binary.

It's about time to pack Ruby and Ruby scripts in one binary

Ruby is designed to execute every combination of operating systems and architectures. However, it’s not easily portable because it's impossible to execute by only sharing a Ruby scripts. It needs to install Ruby of the same version and Gems in order to execute.

One solution to the issues is "one binary,” which involves creating an executable file that contains Ruby script and Gems necessary to execute. I am developing a game engine by Ruby, so I must create one binary when distributing the game. I developed a Gem to package Ruby, scripts, and Gems into a single executable file. This Gem was developed to not depend on the Ruby version without changing Ruby. Additionally, it has unique features compared to similar Gems. In this session, I will demonstrate the features of this Gem while providing an overview of what it accomplishes.