Matt Valentine-House
Matt Valentine-House
  • @eightbitraptor

Matt has been writing Ruby since 2007, contributing to the language since 2020, and has been a Ruby core committer since March 2023.

He works at Shopify in the Ruby Infrastructure team working full time on improving Ruby.

When he's not scratching his head over a segfault he can be found brewing coffee and building keyboards.

Strings! Interpolation, Optimisation & Bugs

Join me as we look at how removing 8 lines of code allowed us to speed up some classes of string interpolation by 2x.

This talk will dive into String interpolation: How interpolations are parsed and compiled, and some of the optimisations that are applied to them.

Then we'll see how a change in the Ruby memory layout caused one of these optimisations to degrade performance, how we found the problem and what we did to fix it!