Hitoshi HASUMI
Hitoshi HASUMI
  • @hasumikin

Creator of PicoRuby & PRK Firmware. Maintainer of IRB. Winner of Fukuoka Ruby Award First Prize in 2020 & 2022, and a Ruby Prize 2021 final nominee.

Unlock The Universal Parsers: A New PicoRuby Compiler

Lrama-generated-parse.c and Prism are attempting to create a universal parser of the Ruby language. I will show you a new PicoRuby compiler, which has to be the most memory-efficient among all Ruby compilers, designed to leverage those universal parsers.

Making a parser universal is not straightforward. This journey starts with investigating CRuby's internal implementation because the Lrama-generating-parser deeply originally depends on CRuby. We are going to replace the dependency with a bunch of code to make the parser universal. Another requirement is to improve the parsers, including Prism, regarding portability.

Finally, writing a memory-efficient VM code generator makes a universal parser a success. Let's delve into the concept of universality and deepen our understanding of it.