Charles Nutter
Charles Nutter
  • @headius

Charles works on JRuby and JVM languages at Red Hat.

JRuby 10: Ruby 3.3 on the Modern JVM

JRuby is the most widely deploy alternative Ruby in the world. Up through JRuby 9.4, we have maintained compatibility with old JVM versions, focusing on compatibility and support for legacy platforms. With JRuby 10, we're making a huge leap forward, with support for the latest JVM features (native functions and memory, true lightweight fibers, fast startup and warmup) and a complete set of Ruby 3.3 features (including the fiber scheduler, ractors, IO buffers, the prism parser, and more). We're pushing performance beyond anything we've done before. And we need your help to make this journey. Come see how JRuby brings the best of the modern JVM to Ruby, and how you can get involved.