Samuel Williams
Samuel Williams
  • @ioquatix

Samuel Williams is a renowned Rubyist, the author of Async, and the creator of the Falcon web server. His work focuses on asynchronous I/O and concurrency in Ruby, enhancing its performance and scalability. As member of the Ruby core team, Samuel is pivotal in evolving Ruby's concurrency model. He is a regular speaker at tech conferences, known for making complex topics accessible and engaging.

Leveraging Falcon and Rails for Real-Time Interactivity

In the rapidly evolving landscape of web-based gaming, Ruby's potential for building dynamic, real-time interactive experiences is often underrated. This talk aims to shatter this misconception by demonstrating the powerful synergy between Falcon, an asynchronous web server, and Ruby on Rails, the stalwart of web application frameworks.

We will embark on a journey to design and implement a real-time interactive game from the ground up, showcasing how Ruby, when coupled with Falcon's concurrency capabilities, can be a formidable tool in the gaming domain. Key focus areas will include leveraging Falcon's event-driven architecture for managing high-throughput, low-latency game data, and integrating it seamlessly with Rails to create an engaging user experience.

Attendees will gain insights into the nuances of real-time web communication in Ruby, efficient handling of WebSockets, and the application of Rails' robust features in a gaming context.