Jeremy Evans
Jeremy Evans
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Jeremy Evans is a Ruby committer who focuses on fixing bugs in Ruby. He the lead developer of the Sequel database library, the Roda web toolkit, the Rodauth authentication framework, and many other Ruby libraries. He is the author of "Polished Ruby Programming". He is the maintainer of Ruby ports for the OpenBSD operating system.

Reducing Implicit Allocations During Method Calling

When optimizing Ruby code, one of the best strategies is to try to reduce the number of objects the code allocates. For some types of method calls, Ruby implicitly allocates objects as part of method call. In some cases, these implicit allocations are unavoidable, but in other cases, they are unnecessary. This presentation will discuss changes made in Ruby 3.3 and planned for Ruby 3.4 to reduce or eliminate implicit object allocation during method calling. We'll be going over new virtual machine instructions, changes to virtual machine stack layout in the compiler, method callinfo flags, iseq param flags, and how we fixed multiple bugs discovered during this optimization work.