Takashi Kokubun
Takashi Kokubun
  • @k0kubun

Takashi Kokubun is a Staff Developer at Shopify, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a Ruby committer, he has worked on JIT compilers for Ruby since 2017. He optimizes YJIT at work and RJIT in his spare time.

YJIT Makes Rails 1.7x Faster

Have you enabled Ruby 3.3 YJIT? You’re using a much slower Ruby if you haven’t. YJIT makes Railsbench 1.7x faster. In production, YJIT presents a 17% speedup to millions of requests per second at Shopify.

Why does YJIT make Ruby so much faster? In this talk, you’ll explore the latest YJIT optimizations that have a huge impact on your application’s performance. Once you understand what you're missing out on, you can't help but enable YJIT.