Koichi ITO
Koichi ITO

Koichi Ito is a member of RuboCop core team and open source software maintainer. He is a long time practitioner of Ruby/Rails application development with eXtreme Programming. He is also Engineering Manager and Distinguished Engineer at ESM, Inc.

RuboCop: LSP and Prism

Do you remember the "Smarter, Faster" concept for Ruby 4.0?

RuboCop now includes the built-in LSP as an experimental feature. This feature was essential to meet modern developer experience demands.

Ruby has some LSP implementations and among them, I will focus on the "Smarter, Faster" concept that RuboCop, the de facto standard Linter and Formatter, is aiming for.

Currently, RuboCop uses the Parser gem for Ruby syntax parsing. In addition to this, there is a plan to introduce the Prism Ruby parser as an experimental option. I will also talk about their purposes and designs.

RuboCop will enhance your developer experience by incorporating its built-in LSP. You can receive RuboCop in its current state and future vision.