I enjoy implementing VMs like JVM or RubyVM with PHP. I have around 10 years of experience as a software engineer, and I have served as a CTO in the past. Currently, I am working as an Engineering Manager. I frequently speak at events primarily within the PHP community. I am the author of books titled "Software Design (Magazine)", "みんなの PHP (Minna no PHP)" and "レガシーコードとどう付き合うか(Legacy code to dou tsukiau ka)"

How to implement a RubyVM with PHP?

Have you ever implemented a virtual machine (VM) of any kind? In the past, I implemented a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) using PHP. My current workplace primarily uses Ruby on Rails, but I am a beginner in both Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

To better understand Ruby, I thought I needed some practical experience. Therefore, I decided to implement a RubyVM myself, using my experience of building a JVM with PHP. This project aims to deepen my understanding of Ruby and accelerate my learning process.

In this presentation, I will discuss how to implement a RubyVM using PHP and cover the basics of VM implementation.