Yusuke Endoh
Yusuke Endoh
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'A full-time MRI committer at STORES, Inc. He has been interested in testing, analyzing, abusing of Ruby. He is an advocate of "transcendental programming" that creates a useless program like this bio. (_)'.yield_self{|s|eval(t=%q(puts"'#{s.sub(?,?+?_)}'.yield_self{|s|eval(t=%q(#{t}))}"))}

Good first issues of TypeProf

We show the roadmap for TypeProf, and call for contribution to TypeProf.

TypeProf is a type analyzer that aims to bring the modern developer experience to Ruby without introducing tons of type annotations. Last year, we started reworking its analysis engine for the IDE as the primary target, and demonstrated that TypeProf worked with non-trivial code well.

Then, we progressed the development: now TypeProf has covered more Ruby syntaxes, reduced false positives, and experimentally supported some IDE features including "automatic method rename refactoring"!

Still, TypeProf is premature. There is still much work. This is not only because it uses the exotic analysis compared to established type systems, but also because it is developed by only a few people.

In this talk, we explain the new features of TypeProf, and show "good first issues" for those who are willing to contribute to TypeProf. We hope this will lower the bar for contribution, and make TypeProf practical quickly.