Masato Ohba
Masato Ohba
  • @ohbarye

Rubyist working on a banking system and a card payment system at SmartBank, Inc.

Unlocking Potential of Property Based Testing with Ractor

Ruby's ease in test-writing and its rich ecosystem are widely acclaimed. However, traditional testing methods, relying on developer-created cases, often miss edge-case bugs. This talk introduces a testing method and a tool to generate numerous cases automatically, known as 'property based testing'. It's not only a transformative solution to detect bugs but also a nice use case of Ractor because the tool generates dozens to hundreds of cases that can run in parallel.

I'll explore how Ractor enables efficient execution of property based testing through parallel processing. This combination promises faster, more comprehensive testing, reducing reliance on developer expertise for bug detection. This talk aims to unlock Ruby's full testing potential by highlighting the not-well-known test method.