Kay Sawada
Kay Sawada
  • @remore

Kay loves day-to-day engineering. He feels happy at any moment during programming. That's why and how he met Ruby. He is currently working as a senior serverless strategist at Fastly. He also plays the contrabass once in a while.

Turning CDN edge into a Rack web server with ruby.wasm

This is my story on how I started my side project to use CDN edge experimentally as a Rack web server for my personal Sinatra application.

In this talk, we will explore how it works with a live demo, delve into how I experimentally migrated from my traditional Unicorn/Nginx setup, and discuss what it takes to develop an app in an edge computing environment. We'll also touch on a few practical aspects such as performance and limitations in the last half of the discussion so that you can learn what it's like to build your own Rack app taking advantage of the resilience and scalability of a globally distributed computing platform.