Christian Bruckmayer
Christian Bruckmayer

Christian Bruckmayer originally from Nuremberg, Germany, but just recently migrated to the south west of England. In his day job, he makes everyday cooking fun at Cookpad, the best place to find and share home cooked recipes. Since 2014 he is an avid open source contributor hacking for instance on JRuby, openSUSE Linux or various gems.

If he's not hacking Ruby, he's out doing what 'young' people do: traveling the world, skiing in the alps or going to concerts of his favorite band.

Digesting MRI by Studying Alternative Ruby Implementations

Pointers, managing memory and static typing - writing C code is hard! However, most programming languages, including Matz's Ruby Interpreter (MRI), are implemented in a low level programming language. So you think without knowing these concepts, you can not contribute to Ruby? Wrong! Although MRI is implemented in C, fortunately there are Ruby's in Java, Rust and even Ruby itself.

If you ever wanted to learn about Ruby internals without being a C expert, this talk is for you. Join me on my journey of re-implementing hash maps in JRuby, breaking bundler and actually learn to write (some) C code.