Dmitry Petrashko
Dmitry Petrashko

Dmitry works on developer productivity at Stripe, Making it easy to confidently write maintainable, fast, and reliable code at Stripe by improving language, core abstractions, tools and educational materials.

Before this, Dmitry co-architected Dotty, the compiler slated to become Scala3.

Moving fast and fixing things with Sorbet

In June 2019 we open sourced Sorbet at RubyKaigi.

We’ve built quality editor tools like jump-to-def and seen many contributions from a growing community. Within Stripe, we've used Sorbet to drive code quality via measurable, concrete indicators. This talk will show how to use Sorbet and Sorbet features to speedup your iteration time and fix bugs in legacy codebases.

We’ll also share these improvements and give an update on our collaboration with Matz and the Ruby 3 Types working group. Suitable for anyone using Ruby—no familiarity with Sorbet needed! Come follow in the footsteps of the many companies already using Sorbet.