Ernesto Tagwerker
Ernesto Tagwerker

Ernesto is the Founder of Ombu Labs, a small software development company dedicated to building lean code. When he is not obsessively playing table tennis or chess, he likes to maintain a few Ruby gems including database_cleaner and email-spec. He is passionate about writing less code, launching minimal products, coaching entrepreneurs, contributing to open source, and eating empanadas.

RubyMem: The Leaky Gems Database for Bundler

Out of memory errors are quite tricky. Our first reaction is always the same: "It can't be my code, it must be one of my dependencies!" What if you could quickly check that with bundler?

In this talk you will learn about memory leaks, out of memory errors, and leaky dependencies. You will learn how to use bundler-leak, a community-driven, open source tool that will make your life easier when debugging memory leaks.