Charles Nutter
Charles Nutter

Charles works on JVM languages at Red Hat.

Thomas E Enebo
Thomas E Enebo

Thomas Enebo co-leads the JRuby project. He has been passionately working on JRuby for many years. When not working on JRuby, he is writing Ruby applications, playing with Java, and enjoying a decent beer.

JRuby in 2020: Faster, Smaller, More Compatible

JRuby 9.3 is out with support for Ruby 2.6 features! Meanwhile we've been working hard to improve JRuby's usability and to improve the JRuby ecosystem. This talk will cover our recent work to clean up the "rough edges" of JRuby:

  • Startup time improvements across various JVM versions
  • Reduced memory consumption at boot and during execution
  • Better peak performance across many Ruby features, utilizing state-of-the-art JVM optimizations
  • Expanding support for mainstream Ruby libraries and frameworks