John Vilk
John Vilk

John is an engineer on Stripe’s Developer Productivity team who specifically focuses on improving productivity within code editors. Recently, he has been working on integrating Sorbet into code editors and implementing IDE features using Sorbet types. Prior to joining Stripe, John completed a PhD in computer science at University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Ruby IDE Features Powered by Sorbet Static Types

Many languages benefit from smart Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) and many devs have grown to like them. Unfortunately, existing Ruby IDEs weren’t good for Stripe: they lack features, use imprecise heuristics, and are too slow on our codebase.

This talk presents how we implemented IDE features for Ruby and how they make writing Ruby even more fun. Features include:

  • error squiggles
  • go to definition
  • autocomplete
  • docs on hover
  • and more!

We also have an exciting announcement!

The talk does not require prior knowledge of types and will be accessible to a broad audience.