Koichi ITO
Koichi ITO

Koichi ITO is a member of RuboCop's core developers team. He is a practitioner of Ruby/Rails application development with eXtreme Programming. He works at ESM, Inc.

Masataka Kuwabara
Masataka Kuwabara

Masataka Kuwabara works for Bit Journey, inc, and a member of RuboCop's core developers team.

Ride on RuboCop 1.0 for safe static analysis

RuboCop 1.0 is coming soon.

RuboCop 1.0 introduces several new features and breaking changes to go to the stable major version 1.0! In this presentation, we will talk about how the milestones for RuboCop 1.0 has been implemented. For examples, gemified departments, safe annotate, new cop status, and others.

RuboCop 1.0 will provide the safest static analysis in the all‐time previous releases. The pragmatic meaning of them has emerged during the implementation process. This talk will help you ride on RuboCop 1.0.

And, we will show you a new RuboCop plugin that integrates RuboCop and the Ruby 3 Static Types.