Shashank Date
Shashank Date

Shashank Daté has been programming in Ruby professionally since 2002. He contributed to the early versions of Ruby One Click installer on Windows and win32utils - a set of Ruby libraries for Windows. He is technical editor of "The Ruby Way" (2nd. ed) by Hal Fulton. He has been instrumental in making Ruby popular in his hometowns (KC, USA & Pune, India). He co-founded Kansas City Ruby User Group. He was on the organizing committee of Ruby Midwest 2011/12. Currently, he programs in mruby too.

Controlling multiple drones using mruby

mruby is a lightweight implementation of the Ruby language. In this talk we will see how the mruby build system works, how to optimize its configuration for controlling drones, and use it to control a certain class (Tello) of programmable drones. It will include code for: - flight control (using UDP sockets) - camera control (using OpenCV) - multiple drone control (using Fibers) The talk will end with a live demo of multi-drone acrobatics followed by a group activity involving crowd coding.