Go Sueyoshi
Go Sueyoshi

I was born and raised in Fukuoka. My body is made of Tonkotsu-Ramen 🍜

I'm a maintainer of rubicure, Itamae, chatwork-ruby and many many OSS.

I'm engineer of I'm working as like a SRE (web application, infrastructure and CI engineer).

Pretty Cure is my life, and Cure Peace is my wife💛

Ruby on CI

I'm a CI nerd.

I have made many apps and gems so far and have used many CIs. (e.g. Jenkins, Travis CI, Wercker, CircleCI, GitLab CI, GitHub Actions...)

Which CI should we use? How do we solve the slow build?

I'll talk about followings.

  • History of CI
  • Which CI should we use when ruby app and gem development
  • How/What we should do CI when ruby app and gem development
  • vs Slow build
  • and more!