0th day Program

The 0th day of the conference will be held only in the Multi-Purpose Hall and Conference Room 405. Entry to 0th day activities is free.

  • All sessions are in Japanese, except where marked as English.
  • Please note that the contents of the program are subject to change.

13:00 Opening Ceremony

Welcome speech and details of the "RubyKaigi 2008 Golf Tournament".

13:30 Working with Ruby 2008: Yukihiro "matz" Matsumoto x Eihiro Saishu

A chat between Yukihiro "matz" Matsumoto, creator of Ruby, and Eihiro Saishu, the founder of Ruby Business Commons.

14:30 About the Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer Examination (CTC)

An introduction to the Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer Examination from the organizers of the certification, ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC).

15:05 Sponsor Sessions: Ruby Case Studies

The Ruby/Rails IDE "CodeGear 3rdRail": Japanese Edition

An introduction to the Japanese edition of CodeGear's Ruby/Rails IDE "3rdRail", which was developed with the assistance of Network Applied Communication Laboratory (NaCl).

Network Applied Communications Laboratory Ltd.
with support from Borland's CodeGear division and Open Source Japan

Hitoshi FUJII (Borland)
Marketing Director, CodeGear Division


Ruby is finally making inroads in the Enterprise space. It's not just JRuby, NetBeans and GlassFish -- Solaris and Sun servers run Ruby with high reliability and speed. The requirements to be considered for choosing a platform will be introduced.

Kazuya KAWAHARA (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)

The difference between Enterprise Ruby and the Linux Boom

First there was the rising popularity of Linux, and now it's virtualization is enjoying a boom. The usage of Ruby in the enterprise arena shares the promise of future growth with Linux. This talk will be a discussion of what happened within CTC during the Linux boom, and what will be needed to realize Ruby in the enterprise.

Katsutoshi KOJIMA (ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation)

Ordinary Systems Development - "Yurufuwa-Donpisya" development style with Ruby and Agile

Eiwa System Management's approach to Agile system development with Ruby will be discussed, covering past achievements and a case study of a current project.

Shintaro KAKUTANI (Eiwa System Management)
Chief Programmer, Service Providing Division

Building a Company SNS with Ruby×Agile -the Road to Open Source-

A case study of the agile development of an internal company SNS using Ruby on Rails, and the difficulties encountered in open-sourcing that internal SNS.

Yoshihito KURANUKI (TIS Inc.)

How to build an "ordinary" portal site in Ruby and Rails

At @nifty, we're gradually using more Ruby and Rails in our portal site development. In our development of "portal sites", there are several essential requirements:

  • Functionality for site maintainers (non-technical staff) who don't know HTML
  • Integration with existing legacy systems
  • Easy-to-use functionality for managing communities

We'll discuss how we use Ruby, Rails to build and run such "ordinary" portal sites.

We plan to open-source the Rails plugins developed to solve the above problems later this summer. We'll be introducing a few details of these plans!

Kei HAMANAKA, Tomoya NARITA (Nifty Corporation)

Ruby's Great! episode-II (tentative)

We'll discuss Rakuten's introduction of Ruby, and talk about our joint research project with Yukihiro Matsumoto, ROMA/Fairy.

Hajime MASUDA (Rakuten, Inc.)
Technologist, Rakuten Research

17:00 Ruby Communities in Japan/Internationally

A discussion of Ruby communities around Japan and Internationally, with Ruby Central.

  • Communities Internationally
    • Chad Fowler (Ruby Central)
    • Rich Kilmer (Ruby Central)
  • Communities in Japan
    • Ruby Sapporo
    • RBC
    • Rubyist Kyushu
    • Rails Tohoku
    • Rails Tokyo
    • Joint Communities

19:00 Pre-Conference Party

An on-site BYO food and drink party will begin after events end. There'll be a 30 minute break between the end of 0th day events and the start of the party, so there will be time to purchase food and drink at local stores. Further details to follow.

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