Useful information for RubyKaigi2008 attendees.

Wi-Fi internet access

There will be free wi-fi internet access at the conference venue. There will be access points operating on both the 5.6GHz and 2.4Ghz bands in both the main hall and multi-purpose hall. Detailed instructions can be found in the pamphlet below:

We ask you to keep in mind that network resources are limited, and avoid using high bandwidth usage of the internet, such as watching or broadcasting video, etc.

Food and drink at the conference venue

Consumption of food and drink is not permitted in the main hall. It is allowed, however, in the multi-purpose hall. We appreciate your cooperation.

Restaurants close to the venue

Please refer to the map linked below for restaurants in the area of the venue.

If you feel unwell...

A map of the local hospitals is linked below. Please do not hesitate to contact nearby RubyKaigi staff if you require assistance.

Power outlets at the venue

We anticipate that many of our attendees will be bringing laptop computers and other electronic devices to the conference.
In the main hall, there will be power outlets in the front row and along the center aisle
Due to restrictions in capacity, we are able to only provide a limited number of outlets.
We recommend that you bring spare batteries if you intend to use your equipment for long periods of time.

In the multi-purpose hall, power outlets will be available at the tables in the rest area (a total of 8 tables).

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