Lightning Talks

The lightning talk sessions (5 minute talks) will be held from 17:30 on the 1st day (Saturday, June 21).

List of talks and speakers

I have something to say about the buzzword 'From Java to Ruby'

Makoto KUWATA -

dRuby Security

Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA - Nihon Ruby-no-kai
Ruby Committer, also involved in the Ruby Reference Manual project.

Building an incredible machines with Ruby and ODE(Open Dynamics Engine)

Takeru SASAKI - Colt
Normally programs for the web with Rails, but prefers fancier user interfaces. But, doesn't own an iPod touch yet.

Do Beginners Dream of Enumerator?

Nobuhiro IMAI - Ruby Kansai
Ruby Novice

Folk Programming in Ruby (not Web application)

Motohiro TAKAYAMA (mootoh) -
An ordinary parallel programmer - Ruby as a C library

Goro FUJI - Tsukuba University student
Native Perler

At toRuby, I found a new start to my Rubyist life

Kazuhiro IKEZAWA - toRuby
Self Employed. It's hard to explain, so I tell people that I'm in the IT business. Ruby supports my lifestyle.

New Wave of Database Programming with Ruby 1.9 on Rails 2.1

Akira MATSUDA - Freelance Ruby/Rails programmer
Lives in Asakusa, self-employed. Currently working with T&F company. Regularly makes appearances at Rails Tokyo meets.

Why Don't You Read Code with Testing?

Yusuke ENDOH - Theoretical Science Group
New committer. In charge of growing the test suite. Also helps debug YARV.

A Jail Web Development with Rails 2008 edition / mod_wafful

Yoshinori TAKESAKO - Cybozu Labs
2nd leader of Perl is Ruby's big brother (or sister). Has been writing Apache modules lately, as they don't depend on specific programming languages.

Industrial-Designed Language: Ruby

Tadashi SAITO - Tsukuba University, College of Information Science
I entered this university to learn both computer scienece and industrial design.
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